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*All classes are online

At Cindy Art Studio, our individually designed curriculum allows each student to advance at their own pace. Because students are assigned to an artistic skill level (1 - 8) according to their technique and proficiency, they are free to advance as quickly or as methodically as they choose. 

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Drawing/Painting (Ages 6-17)

  • The curriculum will cover progressive lessons in drawing, painting, and design.

  • Students will learn to use various art materials and techniques.

  • Establishing an understanding use of visual elements and principles of design. 

  • Evolving skills of observation and visual concepts in art-making.

  • Learn to see things in aesthetic light and appreciate the aesthetic values in nature and in our living environment.

  • Introducing recognized artists and art vocabulary.

Digital Art (Ages 9-17)

  • Instead of using traditional art mediums, students will be introduced to art through technology, using art-making software to create artworks.

  • The class will cover various forms of digital art, allowing students to explore what is possible.

  • Students will work on projects such as digital paintings, character paintings, anime art, etc.

  • Students must bring their own equipment, either an iPad or a laptop.

  • Requirements are listed below:

  • * iPads must be loaded with the software ProCreate and include an Apple pencil.

  • * Laptops, must subscribe to the software Adobe Photoshop, and be hooked to a drawing tablet.

Painting/Portfolio (Ages 13-17)

  • The introduction focus on strengthening of art skills and techniques, as well as developing the visual communication and individual expression.

  • Students will be encouraged to focus on research, discovery, creative thinking and problem-solving.

  • Classes will involve more in-depth assignments that allow students to optimize their techniques and broaden their imagination.

  •  The portfolio class will focus on helping students prepare their portfolio for AP Art or college admissions.

Anime Art (Ages 9-17)

  • Introduce the basics of human anatomy.

  • Focus on various facial expressions.

  • Introduce the effect of style choice on the characters development.

  • Learn inking, brushes, line variation, and pattern techniques.

  • Explore options for hair, eye and costume designs.

  • Create backgrounds and environments for stories.

  • Understand perspective and point of view.

  • Learn the process of working collectively to complete a short story projects.

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Art Classes for Adults


These classes are for anyone looking to focus their attention on improving either their drawing or painting skills. 

  • Personalized teaching in elements and principles of art.

  • Advancing skills of observation.

  • Exploring a variety of media.

  • Students will be encouraged to focus on research, discovery, creative thinking and problem-solving.

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